About us

Wheelscanning Sweden AB started as a spin off at SAAB. We deliver solutions to save time, increase quality and generate new sales opportunities for the tyre and car trade. Our products are fundamentally based on stereo camera technology. The technique uses multiple images to create a 3D model where all points are measurable. It gives us consistency and accurate solutions.


In an industry with imminent digitalisation and modernisation, our aim is to contribute with effective and competitive tools that save time, increase quality and increase profitability. With a large industry expertise, we bring revolutionary technology to the table.

The team

Wheelscanning have extensive industry knowledge and are passionate about automation and digitalization. Creating efficient workflows through strong integrations is something we are passionate about. We have our origins in Värnamo and collaborate with several local companies both in terms of development, production and sales.

Sustainability and environment

Our commitment to sustainability is great and our products must always contribute to safety and the environment. Changing tires at the right time is not always easy. With accurate measurement results and well structured consumer reports, we help both workshop and customer to change the tires at the right time. Neither too early nor too late.

Our documents also clearly show whether the tires are worn uneven or not. A tire with uneven wear contributes to higher fuel consumption, reduced performance and wears out faster. By identifying the uneven wear, the workshop can, in time, remedy the cause with a wheel alignment.

Additional sales

Selling tires and wheel alignment becomes much easier with a surface that clearly shows wear.

Time saving

Save time, energy and gain control over the status of your tires in your tire hotel.

Customer value

In an industry with impending digitalisation and modernization, it is important to add that little bit extra to the customer.