Automation, digitalization and efficiency

In an industry with imminent digitalisation and modernisation, our aim is to contribute with effective and competitive tools that save time, increase quality and increase profitability. With a large industry expertise, we bring revolutionary technology to the table.

Our products

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    Additional sales

    Selling tires and wheel alignment becomes much easier with an image that clearly shows wear.

    Time saving

    Save time, energy and gain control over the status of your tires in your tire hotel.

    Customer value

    In an industry with impending digitalisation and modernization, it is important to add that little bit extra to the customer.

    Stereo camera technology

    With a large number of measuring points, we can generate an accurate measurement with high accuracy.


    We have the opportunity to integrate to all business software in the industry. Today we are integrated to DäckData, Northern Europe’s most used business software for the tire and car trade industry.

    Measure a entire wheel stack

    Wheelscan measures an entire horizontal wheel stack. The measurement takes about 20 seconds.

    Cooperation with Swedish Warehouses

    We have since the beginning a cooperation with Svenska Lager. Wheelscan is integrated to the Swedish warehouse wheel wash, WSspa. Together with washing, we measure the tread depth when the wheels are to be washed.

    Wheelscan is integrated in such a way that the washing time is not prolonged. Pattern depth is measured completely without time lag, very accurately and fully automated. WSspa is a fully automatic wheel washer. For more info about WSspa, go to svenskalager.se.


    Developing smooth integrations with our customers’ systems is something we prioritize. In order to create effective digital workflows, it is necessary that our systems work together with our customers’ systems.

    We have today integrated into the industry’s most used system. In the Nordic market both DäckData, EonTyre and KorallData.

    Are you unsure whether we are integrated into your system? Get in touch with us.